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Top Prize: 1 in 1,162,800     Any Prize: 1 in 4.21
Odds of winning are established when a game is printed. Number of winning tickets remaining will change as players win prizes. This page is updated daily. For more information on odds, click here.
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Top Prize: $50,000
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All Top Prizes Claimed: Wow - players have won all the top prizes available in this game! Retailers have been told to stop selling this ticket. Info about this game, which will soon be officially closed, will be available until the deadline to collect prizes has passed.
- Scratch each of the Dollar symbols in the CROSSWORD.
- Scratch all of YOUR LETTERS to reveal 18 letters.
- For each of the 18 letters revealed in YOUR LETTERS, rub the same letter each time it is found in the CROSSWORD. For example, If the letter E is revealed in YOUR LETTERS, run all E’s in the CROSSWORD.
- If you have rubbed three (3) or more complete words in the CROSSWORD, you win the corresponding PRIZE found in the PRIZE LEGEND.
- If your win includes a completed CROSSWORD, with the Dollar symbol, DOUBLE the PRIZE shown in the PRIZE LEDGEND.
-BONUS WORDS: Scratch each letter in the BONUS WORDS that corresponds to YOUR LETTERS. If you scratch a complete BONUS WORD, win the PRIZE shown in the PRIZE box. Wins in the BONUS WORDS play area cannot be used in conjunction with the main CROSSWORD puzzle prize and do not apply to the Dollar symbol: doubler feature.